Christopher Patuzzo

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

I am a passionate and self-motivated web developer with a strong background in computer science and an aptitude for delivering high-quality, maintainable software. I have extensive knowledge of the Ruby programming language and a lot of experience working on bespoke Rails applications and their respective ecosystems.

I have led teams and projects to tackle technical debt and have completed large architectural refactors, whilst delivering business value. I have made decisions on mission critical code and successfully developed tools and methodologies to deal with high levels of risk.

I am actively involved in a number of development communities and regularly attend conferences, having spoken at one myself. I am a strong advocate for open-source software, encouraging colleagues to work on projects that they find captivating and inspiring.

In my spare time, I enjoy bouldering, slacklining, cycling, running and playing the guitar. I have competed in two half marathons and a duathlon. In 2012, I ran in excess of 900km. I used to play in a rhythm and soul band.

Higher Education

2008 – 2011: BSc Computer Science (1st Class) - University of Southampton

I graduated from Southampton with an honours in Computer Science and a rock solid foundation in programming. Some of my favourite modules are listed below:

  1. Large Scale Distributed Systems
  2. Scripting Languages
  3. Advanced Databases
  4. Principles of Computer Graphics
  5. Hypertext and Web Technologies
  6. Computer Vision
  7. Advanced Computer Networks

My final year project was titled 'Simulated Autonomous Exploration'. I modelled a physical environment and placed a robot within it. The robot's task was to explore its environment autonomously using intelligent strategies.

The project was a significant programming and architectural challenge and touched many fields in Computer Science, such as artificial intelligence, computer graphics and data modelling. It was heavily maths based and required comprehensive software testing.

Employment History

2011 – 2012: Ruby on Rails Developer and Agile Consultant - Unboxed Consulting

Unboxed Consulting enabled me to work as a contractor on a wide-range of bespoke projects throughout London. I integrated with diverse teams and developed a proficiency for getting up to speed quickly. I learnt a huge amount about Rails, Test-driven Development and Agile workflows.

I ran a week-long Ruby on Rails training course for interns, colleagues and paying customers of mixed abilities. My final contractual work was at Reevoo, who were impressed with my abilities to the extent that they bought me out from the contracting company.

2012 – 2014: Team Lead and Senior Developer - Reevoo

I joined Reevoo as a Senior Developer and was quickly promoted to Team Lead. During that time, I worked on complicated system integrations and large architectural refactors. I headed up difficult technical decisions and participated in prioritisation meetings and external client calls. I provided support for the rest of the business on technical issues.

I ran a Hack Week outside of London for the Engineering team. The goals were to innovate and invent new products, or additional features for existing products. I facilitated discussions and all team events. I guided engineers from inception through to rapid prototyping and measuring their successes.

My responsibilities as Team Lead included interviewing numerous candidates and covering for the engineering manager. I have extensive experience of managing difficult situations and the clarity to make good decisions under pressure. I am committed to delivering the highest quality of software craftsmanship alongside sustainable processes to ensure the success of agile development teams.

2014 – Present: Senior Software Engineer - Marks & Spencer

I joined Marks & Spencer out of an interest to learn mobile development. I gained experience building iOS and Android applications as well as an Adobe Air project. I ran a workshop at the London Software Craftsmanship Community titled 'Beginning TDD'. I am a strong advocate for TDD as well as other testing disciplines.

Skills & Proficiencies

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, LESS, Responsive, Test::Unit, RSpec, Capybara, MySQL, Sinatra, Git, Redis, Elasticsearch, C, Objective C, Cocoa, Queueing, Unix, Bash, Vim, TDD, SOLID, DRY, REST, Agile, Scrum